Come Away With Me PT I

You say you love me and that you’d never want to be apart

I say come away with me and crown me with your whole heart

You are the apple of my eye, the very reason I died

Yes, it was love that made me rise


 Nothing can kill my love for you

My heart beats forever for you

 Trust me on this

Put your hope in my promises

You have no need to wonder or wish


I’m here for you, haven’t you realized that by now?

I’m waiting on you

You are the apple of my eye, you must draw near


Lord please help me overcome every ounce of fear

You tell me I can trust you, your love never fails

And silently you whisper, "Take a look at the nails."

In this next season, God wants us to put our trust in Him. No need to fear what this next year is going to bring. No need for resolutions. I believe God wants us to be real...and consistent. So, every ounce of hurt, worry, or pain-give it to Him. Allow Him to bless you in this season with His love and kindness.

For those of you who don't believe God is real, I pray that you will get to know Him in this season. Don't be so quick to judge Him without knowing who He is for yourself. Make it personal. It's a journey worth starting, if you're willing. He's waiting..

Love Always,

Tia J



 Photo Credit: Samuel Lechner

Photo Credit: Samuel Lechner